First artwork in experimental workshop

Today we were given the task of creating a piece of artwork  that was something about ourselves which we wanted to share in the group. We were allowed to use any materials in the room and had one hour to work on it.

When presented with this type of situation I find that I like to find the place where I am most comfortable, most at ease; so choosing a pencil, collage paper, some paint and oil pastels I settled myself on the floor. Without feeling like I had to prove anything I was able to enjoy the creative process. I chose to find the most comfortable place as the room with a group of strangers was enough vulnerability in itself.

I wanted to see what I produced rather than having an idea established beforehand. I used collaging as I was thinking about layers, and parts that I was showing to the group, and parts that are hidden. I felt the need to draw a figure, which represented myself but rather than put in the centre I placed it in the right hand corner; and rather than standing static the figure is in movement, walking.

The figure is walking into a new space, with steps, and corners, and unclear viewpoints. There is a figure on top of a very thin point, reaching upwards, I feel again is me, but possibly all in the group, feeling precarious. Another figure standing on a hill, faint in the distance maybe represents the others in the group, who I do not yet know, but will be discovering over the next three years.

The colours are soft and I sense that it is the beginning of a journey.